Meet the 3Pz Experts!

Meet the 3Pz Experts!
*Marayah was our Expert in Balloon Animals!  
Marayah can make all different kinds of animals out of balloons and she showed us how to blow up a balloon and then twist it (without popping it!).  Patience is needed to make balloon animals because your need to practice and sometimes the balloon may pop. Tying the end of the balloon is a little tricky. You need balloons and a small pump for your supplies. Balloon animal kits are sold too. She told us to keep the balloons away from pets and small kids because they could choke on them. We had fun learning from you, Marayah! Thank you!
*Sam was our Baseball Expert!  
He taught us all about the game of baseball.  He had a demonstration mat of a baseball diamond so he could teach us about the bases and how to run the bases.  He also showed us where all the positions (pitcher, outfielders, catcher, batter, infielder,etc.) played.  Sam told us how important it was to be safe when playing baseball and told us about some of the equipment he wears so he won't get injured. Baseball is fun to play and Sam gave us examples of the baseball rules and how to show good sportsmanship. Thanks, Sam, and...PLAY BALL!

*Payge was the Expert in creating Graduation Hats!
  She taught us to make graduation hats out of paper. To make a graduation hat you need to have patience because it takes a long time to make.  You need to make patterns. Patterns help your hat stand out.  Adding color gives your graduation some 'POP'! The materials needed to make a hat are: scissors, paper, pattern tape, crayons, markers or colored pencils and string. Payge encouraged us to be creative and imaginative while we made our hats. We then threw our hats up in the air!  Thank you, Payge!

*Keaton was our Racing Expert!  He taught us a lot about racing!  There are many different kinds of race cars and Keaton showed us pictures of some.  There are Sprint cars, Late Model cars, Indy cars, Nascars and many more!  There are divisions in racing and each division has different rules.  Do you know what the different colored flags mean in racing?  Well, Keaton taught us about those too! Keaton likes the noise of the race cars and the smell of the fuel. He likes when the race cars go fast! We learned a lot about racing!  Thank you Keaton!

*Olivia was the Expert in Handstands and Cartwheels!
Olivia taught us how to do a handstand and a cartwheel. For a handstand, you need to lunge, lever, handstand, squeeze, lever, lunge and...Ta Da!! You did a handstand!  For a cartwheel, you need to lunge, underarm lift, lever to a T, kick strong, legs apart, lever, lunge and...Wala! You did a cartwheel! We were all able to try to do a handstand and cartwheel with Olivia coaching us. We had a groovy good time learning all about handstands and cartwheels! Thank you Olivia!  

*Lilly was our Hobby Farm Expert!
 She taught us about how to feed and water all kinds of animals like...cows, horses, rabbits, goats, chickens and ducks.  She showed us some of the food that all of her animal friends eat and showed us how to care for them using brushes and making sure they get exercise.  There are chores on a hobby farm like cleaning up after the animals, taking them to the vet, and gathering eggs. Wow Lilly! Thanks for teaching us about Hobby Farming!

*Roman was the Expert in Football!  
Roman loves football and he taught us how to snap, throw and catch a football. We were all able to do all three with Roman coaching us! He showed us what a huddle was and what is done in a huddle (discuss the next play). A team needs to get all the way down the field using 'downs' and then, hopefully, they'll get a touchdown. Roman said that teamwork is very important when playing football.  Thanks Roman for teaching us a lot about football!