Look at Links
Check out these educational links...
MobyMax --> Awesome site that is a completely integrated curriculum of all subject areas. Students earn badges and educational game time.  Students receive immediate feedback and are instructed on HOW to do/solve problems. Students can also use Moby Max to prep for the state testing. 
Your child will practice perseverance and a growth mindset by interacting and engaging in the world's best logic puzzles and games on this site.
--> Awesome collection of books of all different genres that teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love!
--> Great reading site where your child can listen, read and then take a quiz on the 'just right' book that they just read/listened too.
xtramath.com --> Your child should be practicing their math strategy cards so why not make it a fun, independent practice session?  Have him/her go to this website!
spellingcity.com --> Great activities for practicing your spelling/word work words!
storylineonline.com --> Awesome reading site to listen to famous actresses and actors read some of your favorite stories with fluency, accuracy and expression.  They are treating their reading like GOLD, reading like they like it and they are using their 'storyteller' voice! Very Grrroooovy!
gonoodle.com --> Ever feel like you're loosing your noodle and need a little brain-break? This site is a refreshing way to renew yourself and get your learning engagement juices flowing!
coolmath4kids.com --> Need more math practice?  Try out this magnificent, fun math site!
typing.com--> Need more keyboarding practice?  Don't forget to always 'find the home row' and try not to look at the keyboard as you are typing...just keep typing :).