Newsletter 3P Update

3P Update                                                                                        September 18, 2015

Wow, September is flying by!  We are off to a great start! Thank you for getting all those beginning of the year required forms turned in!  We are getting to know each other and settling into our routines.  What a great group of 3rd graders!


Here’s what we’re up to in class:


Reading:  Setting goals as readers, choosing books that are “just right” (within reading level), and habits that make us even better readers.  We have been read, read, reading!


Writing:  Setting goals as writers, how to come up with ideas as writers, problem solving when dealing with the hard parts of writing (writer’s block, ideas, writing more, boredom, etc.).  Narratives (true stories) and adding details to pieces has been our focus.  We’ve even started trying out our writing “voice” by writing like a story teller rather than just reporting.


Math:  Multiplication and division!!!  We’re working on building a fact base. So far we have worked on 5s and 2s in class.  Watch for flash cards and other multiplication/division activities to help with building that important fact base!


Social Studies:  Map skills with the focus on continents and oceans.


We also started cursive handwriting which is very exciting!!! J


Just a friendly reminder that students are more than welcome to have water bottles in class, but only water.  No juices, flavored drinks, etc.  Students may also bring a healthy snack to have mid-morning. 


Picture Day is Tuesday, Sept. 22!!!  Smile and say cheese! J

Lunch menu changes:  Monday, Sept. 21 Option #1:  Beefy Macaroni Bake

                                           Monday, Sept. 28  Option #1:  Cheeseburger


Thank you for all the volunteer forms returned!  There are lots of parents willing to go on field trips with us!  Thank you!  I will be contacting those parent volunteers interested in coming in the classroom within the next week or two to get a schedule set up.


My Contact Info:

Mrs. Michelle Preussler   Phone:  663-9847