Stangel Peer Mediation

Playground Peer Mediation

For the 5th year at Stangel Elementary School, Peer Mediation is available to your student(s) during lunch recess! This year, 22 caring 5th and 6th grade students received over 11 hours of training and are prepared to help students  in grades 1st through 6th solve small peer conflicts on the playground.

What is peer mediation?Peer Mediators At Work

          If two students have a small problem, the students can choose to work out their differences with the peer mediators available at lunch recess. The peer mediators will give each student a chance to share their side of the story and encourage both students to share their ideas for solving the problem.

Once a safe and fair solution is chosen, the students sign a contract stating that they will try that solution. Students are never forced to participate in peer mediation, and those who choose peer mediation are not in trouble.

**The Peer Mediators made a video! Click this link to watch the fabulous Stangel Peer Mediators tell you about peer mediation: Peer Mediation Video

How will my child know who the Peer Mediators are?

          There will be two Peer Mediators on duty during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade lunch recess and two Peer Mediators on duty during 4th, 5th, & 6th grade lunch recess. Students will recognize the Peer Mediators by their bright orange vests! The Peer Mediators also wear name tags and carry clipboards with important problem-solving information like a feelings chart and a copy of Kelso’s Wheel to help students identify their feelings and find a safe and fair solution to their problems.

What if my student has a big problem?

          If your student is struggling with a big problem with another student, encourage him or her to go to a trusted adult at school for help. The Peer Mediators are trained to recognize when a problem is too big for them, and they know to find an adult for help in these cases.

Why does Stangel Elementary School need Peer Mediators?

          The goal of the Peer Mediation Program at Stangel Elementary School is to help students learn how to solve conflict without adult intervention.  When children are taught to go to adults for help for everyday peer conflicts, they lose the opportunity to learn self-responsibility and valuable conflict resolution skills that will help them in school and beyond. The Stangel Peer Mediation Program is designed to provide all Stangel students with trained student leaders to help them learn to resolve conflict peacefully in the moment. The Peer Mediators are trained to coach other students to find their own solutions rather than telling them what to do to solve the problem. Therefore, every peer mediation provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow.

          Many Stangel students seek out the Peer Mediators for help with peer conflict. As a result, there has been more peace on the playground and less of a need for discipline. It is exciting to see groups of students working together to solve problems peacefully!


**If you have any questions about peer mediation, please contact the program advisor, Mrs. Hettmann.