School Counseling Services

How does Mrs. Hettmann work with students? 

Below are a list of school counseling services available to your Stangel student: 

Life Skills Lessons:

I present lessons in every classroom every other week (weekly for 1st grade) to teach skills such as conflict resolution, organization, responsibility, appreciating diversity, character education, safety, bullying prevention, study skills, social skills, and career exploration.

Small Group Counseling:

Group counseling is available to any group of students with similar challenges and may be requested by students, parents, or teachers. Groups generally last about 6-8 weeks and focus on topics such as peer relationships, self-esteem, anger management,  family change, grief & loss, study skills, and social skills. Groups are tailored to meet the students' specific needs. Please contact me if you feel your child might benefit from a small group experience. 

Individual Student Sessions:

Short-term individual student sessions are available for students at the request of parents, students, and teachers to meet the needs of all students expressing difficulty with academic achievement, personal concerns, or typical developmental transitions. Please keep in mind that these individual sessions are not therapy. Generally, individual sessions involve a brief discussion or activity to help the student achieve his/her goal so they may reach their fullest potential during the school day. Oftentimes, students come to me for minor issues; however, I will contact parents/guardians with any major concerns.  

Mrs. Hettmann
School Counselor
(920) 663-9947