Sensational Social Studies

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Airedale doing a play-bow.
 Lots of fabulous links below!

Sites for Rome:

Ancient Rome Rap

Roman Rap

3D Virtual Tour

360 degree Aerial View

Take a Tour of Rome

Sites for Greece:

Greek God Rap

Acropolis Virtual Tour

Greek Panoramic Views

Athens Virtual Tour

China Sites:

China The Beautiful

Ask Asia

China Timeline

Duckster's Ancient China Timeline

Top Chinese Sites

History of China


India Sites:

India for Kids

Online India Puzzles

Egyptian Sites:

Fabulous list of Pharaohs

Listing of Egyptian Holidays

Hieroglyphic Typewriter--So Cool!

Virtual Egypt

National Museums of Scotland

Discovering Ancient Egypt

MrDonn’s Ancient Egypt for Kids

Map of Ancient Egypt

Geography of Egypt

Maps of Ancient Egypt from the British Museum

Mysteries of Egypt – Geography

Click on Nile River button at the bottom of the page.

Mr. Dowling’s site
Read “The Gift of the Nile”

Life in Ancient Egypt - The Natural World

Read “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt”


The British Museum site

Click on “Egyptian Life”

Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Daily Life

The Cleveland Museum of Art – Food, Clothing

Become an Egyptian Expert

National Geographic Video Clip-Ancient Egypt

Travel to Egypt

A Day in The Life...

Mesopotamia Rap:  Here’s the link for the rap students have been listening to during class:

Mesopotamia Sites for Kids:

Ancient Mesopotamia