Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question:  Should my child read every night?

Answer:  The more your child reads a "just right" book, the more your child is feeding his/her brain.  Your child should read for at least 25 minutes, five days a week.  
  Encourage your child to read.

Question:  Do I need to sign my child's assignment notebook?
Answer:  Yes, please do.  It is very important to help your child develop positive work and study habits.  The assignment notebook is a great way for you to jot a quick note to me, if you'd like.

Question:  Do you need parent volunteers in the classroom?
Answer:  Absolutely!  I enjoy having parent volunteers.  Please contact me.

Question:  Is my child allowed to bring in a water bottle?
Answer:  Definitely.  I recommend students bring home their water bottles at the end of each.

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