Up One Level
Trunk or Treat 2014
Uploaded: 05 November, 2014
by: heidi.schroderus
Description: Stangel students and families had a blast as teachers, families and friends decorated...
Moving for Heart / Jump Rope for Heart 2017
Uploaded: 10 March, 2017
by: tiffany.gates
Description: It's hard to capture all of the fun learning experiences of a Stangel Star, but here are a...
Stangel students team up to save shipwrecked classmates
Uploaded: 16 May, 2017
by: tiffany.gates
Description: Teaching the importance of teamwork and cooperation is vital in sports, but the challenge...
Jump Rope for Heart 2018
Uploaded: 13 February, 2018
by: tiffany.gates
Description: Students were eager to be "red in the face" and every where else for a good cause. ...