1. Standard - The physically literate student demonstrates a variety of age appropriate motor skills and movement patterns.

  • What it means: I can move, dance, throw, catch, kick and balance the correct way.

2. Standard - The physically literate student applies and demonstrates an understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to physical activities.  

  • What it means: I like learning about fitness, health and skills. I use what I know to help myself and others get better at skills.  I can train myself and others.

3. Standard - The physical literate student participates regularly in physical activity.

  • What it means: I play and exercise every day in and out of school. 

4. Standard -  The physically literate student demonstrates the understanding and skills to achieve and maintains a health enhancing level of physical fitness.

  • What it means:  I am fit and can play and exercise for a long time. 

5. Standard - The physically literate student exhibits responsible personal and social behaviors during physical activity settings. 

  • What it means: I am responsible and respectful by being safe, taking care of equipment, playing fair, following rules and getting along with others.

6. Standard - The physically literate student values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/.or social interaction.

  • What it means: I value and enjoy caring for my health & fitness by trying new activities that challenge me.