Useful Links
Social Studies
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Famous People of WI
Wisconsin Famous People
WI Famous People
The White House Scavenger Hunt
White House for Kids--Go to Page 92, Site 1 to find the answers!!!
Ice Age Trail
Do this webquest prior to the field trip at the School Forest.
WI Maritime Museum
Students can navigate this site before the field trip to the museum.
Mammoth Mystery
Mammoth mystery site to connect with our study of the Paleo Indians.

WI Chamber of Commerce
List of possible cities for students to gather resources.
Career Kids
Guidance website with Mr. Hadler
50 states maps
Using Discussion to Understand Text
Reading to/with someone introduction
dog on news
current events in the news
Discovery education
Exploring WI
What's My State: Wisconsin
Wisconsin(Google books) by Margaret Dornfield

Learning Buddies
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North Pole Fun
100 Snowballs!
Create a design or illustration with 100 snowballs.
Brick Breaker
Counting and grouping with colors.
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F.O.S.S. Website
Grades 3-6 units of study.
Virtual Body
Virtual Tour of the Body
Virtual Tour of the Human Body
WebQuest to find interesting facts and answer questions about the brain, heart, skeletal system, and sports injuries.
Earth Materials Jeopardy
12 Ways to a Healthy Holidays
center for disease control link
 Human Body Digestive System
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Fact practice for all operations (+,-,x,/)
Fractions on Sheppard Software
Fractions practice
Perimeter and Area on Math Playground
Perimeter and Area practice
Math Practice
Virtual Manipulatives
math tools
Problem Solving Facts Practice
xtra math
fact practice
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4th Grade general practice
Language Arts
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Compound Words, Contractions, Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homophones practice
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
Interactive Human Body
Human Body Systems Interactive
Wide array of Human Body related interactive
WI Regions Web Search
Wisconsin Animals
Wisconsin Plants
Wisconsin Landscapes
Biographies of Famous People
Listen to Reading Storyline Stories
Story Options for Listen to Reading
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Fraction Links
Equivalent Fractions – visual manipulatives to make square or circle equivalent fractions created by student or the computer Fraction Model – visual representation of fractions, circles, squares, mixed numbers. Also shows fraction to decimal to percent Fraction Game – adding and subtracting like and unlike fractions
Bullying Interactive Powerpoint
Grades 3-5 Math
Partial Quotients
Long Division Strategy
Teaching Theme
Multiplying Multiples
Editing Dialogue
Measuring Angles
Teacher links
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1st Day of School Ice Breaker :)
Welcome Powerpoint for Science
!st Day of School Coat of Arms
Reading Food Lables
Introduction to go with Nutrition Unit
Earth Materials Jeopardy
Asking Questions While Reading Powerpoint
Writing Picture Prompts
Predicting Non-fiction Text Powerpoint
SMART Board Measuring Angles
Scholastic Reading Inventory
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Student SRI
Student Access to the Scholastic Reading Inventory