Classroom News

This week: September 5 - 9

READING… We reviewed ways to read a book, build stamina, and how to choose-good fit books. We developed a read to self chart that describes what the room looks like and sounds like for the student and teacher during this time. Our goal is to become independent readers and writers. We started our mentor text (read aloud) Because of Mr. Terupt. (Ask your child about Mr. Terupt and his interesting classroom.J) We will also be reading Home of the Brave, which is about an African boy who moves to America. Next week, we will start our guided reading book Because of Winn Dixie. Emphasis will be placed on using details to compare and contrast the characters, and quoting accurately/drawing evidence from the story. We also read the picture books Each Kindness and Fox and focused on how the character’s actions and how they interact with each other. Next week we will start our first Notice and Note strategy of Contrasts and Contradictions. This is when the character says or does something opposite than usual. Students are identifying examples in their independent reading at school and home. We are also learning the importance of writing about reading in our reader’s workshop.

LANG. ARTS… We introduced our writers’ notebooks, and students are excited to be young authors. Students will be focusing on different writing strategies to enhance their writing, and be given “free write” time to reflect on thoughts. This week, we reflected on special people and places in our lives. We also introduced our reading response journals. The students will be using evidence of strategic thinking by using specific strategies. Students will be responding to their read to self books. Students will also be given mini-lessons on strategies to use in their notebooks.

SPELLING…  Students were given the Words Their Way Inventory. Students will be selecting activities to reinforce their words. More information will be sent home soon.

 SCIENCE.. We visualized the meaning of a scientist and drew images. We discovered there are many fields of science. We also started our environment unit. Students were excited to plant seeds into their terrariums. We read Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden and made connections with our seeds and how we grow during throughout the year.

SOCIAL STUDIES… We are excited to focus on the History of the US. Students did a fantastic job completing their first weekly geography.

MATH… We started Unit 1 which focuses on interpreting numerical expressions, decimals, and place value.

***We had a fabulous first week of school, and we are excited about the many opportunities ahead! The students loved getting to know each other with different energizers and community building activities. I was impressed with their teamwork and positive attitudes! Thank you for promptly filling out the forms, and I look forward to developing a strong home-school partnership with you. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year. My phone number/email is 663-9843